Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014!

ZDayZ 2014 will take place on May 15-19th, 2014 at Fontana Village Resort in NC. Fontana Village Resort is full, check out the Lodging page to see the overflow locations.

We are doing a few new things this year as well as repeating some of our greatest hits. That said the events and activities calendar is being populated, we encourage our partners to help us develop the ecology of the event. We should have all of the details sorted out by the end of January, but this much is confirmed:

Each year more and more people are coming earlier and earlier, we decided to put together a white water rafting trip for those that would like to go. The rafting trip will be late Wednesday morning for those interested, please check the box on the registration page. This will give us an idea of how many people are interested. The group discounted rate comes to just under $45, and that will be paid directly to Natahala Outdoor Center. This is an approximately 3 hour trip, with 1 hour commuting and a 2 hour float. Details for Water Water Rafting

The Top Dawg Challenge. You think you have what it takes to run with the Big Dawgs, or are you too scared and want to stay on the porch? Every year the Top Dawg Challenge (sometimes referred to as the Airstrip Event,) sponsored by Forged Performance, is a chance to see some extremely powerful cars battle it out on an airstrip. Registration for this event is at Forged Performance's Webstore. The registration has been limited to 40 participant this year. Spectators are of welcome at no charge.

Based upon the HUGE success of the 5/10k race last year we are going to do it again. Last year we had almost 100 participants which blew us away, we totally didn’t expect that. We were able to donate $3,000 to America’s Fund, and we would love to double that in 2014. America's Fund 5/10k Race Details

We are retiring the Disc Golf tournament this year, and replacing it with a Putt Putt Tournament.

Beer Pong Tournament registration is an option this year during your ZDayZ registration, in the past this has been a separate registration with another individual, we are just slip streaming into ZDayZ registration. Beer Pong Tournament Details

And the last BIG change for 2014 is a winter cruise. That’s right a big boat in the Bahamas, in November. This idea was brought up by one of our friends and we liked it. The dates are 11/7 to 11/10/2014 and we will be departing from Port Canaveral, FL. Pricing starts at $622 per person to be paid t the travel agency, not ZDayZ. Selecting the Bahamas’ cruise in ZDayZ registration only commits you to get more information, that DOES NOT commit you to the cruise. Separate reservation and arrangements will have to be made via the travel agency. Bahamas Trip Details

ZDayZ is a rain or shine event

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