ZDayZ Car Show, Sponsored By:

Car Show Pre-registration deadline, May 1st.

There will be NO on-site car show registration.

The Car Show will be a Judged event. The classes will initially be determined based on pre-registration, and the criteria set below.
Cars will be broken down based upon Generation of Z 1st – 6th. Infiniti G’s, GT-Rs, and other classes will be filled based upon participation levels
Modification Levels:

To explain the table: All scores will be tallied and the highest score in each class wins, the second highest score gets second place.

The best of Show will be determined by the following process. Each representative generation (s)/class winner will be entered into the “Best of Show” event. Based upon their initial scoring and direct comparison, these cars will be scrutinized by the Judges to select the Best of Show. Judging Criteria is as follows:

Special sub classes, like best Roadster and best Competition car. When you register your car, and choose Roadster as the body Type, you are automatically entered into the Roadster Sub-Category, also when you register and indicate roll bar/cage on modifications you are automatically entered into the Competition car Sub-Category. It is possible to win the model class and the Special Sub-category class.

Car Show schedule:

Total 84 results.

First NameLast NameModelCar YearClass
Extreme :: 240Z
S30 Stock :: 240Z
KitLueg240Z1972S30 Stock
S30 Mild :: 240Z
AsbyFulmer240Z1972S30 Mild
S30 Wild :: 240Z
DavidBrooks240Z1973S30 Wild
S30 Mild :: 260Z
TroyMetz260Z1974S30 Mild
S30 Mild :: 280Z
BrianMay280Z1977S30 Mild
S30 Wild :: 280Z
WaltBailey280Z1977S30 Wild
S130 Stock :: 280ZX
MarkSellers280ZX1980S130 Stock
S130 Mild :: 280ZX
DustinSchultheis280ZX1983S130 Mild
S130 Wild :: 280ZX
SteveWaller280ZX1983S130 Wild
Z31 Stock :: 300ZX
AsbyFulmer300ZX1985Z31 Stock
AustinRoman300ZX1984Z31 Stock
RodneyHall300ZX1984Z31 Stock
Z31 Mild :: 300ZX
IanLamb300ZX1984Z31 Mild
Z32 Stock :: 300ZX
LoisWiilams300ZX1994Z32 Stock
DawnThomas300ZX1990Z32 Stock
JosephBrittain300ZX1991Z32 Stock
Z32 Mild :: 300ZX
DavidMccrea300ZX1990Z32 Mild
Ernie Lawson 300ZX1994Z32 Mild
RobertLeasure300ZX1990Z32 Mild
BernieBilski300ZX1995Z32 Mild
ColeReber300ZX1993Z32 Mild
TourvoisierZachary300ZX1991Z32 Mild
Z32 Wild :: 300ZX
WadeShackelford300ZX1990Z32 Wild
DustinMcGehee300ZX1992Z32 Wild
PatrickCarr300ZX1994Z32 Wild
JohnBrooks300ZX1994Z32 Wild
JamesMoore300ZX1993Z32 Wild
DavidLamb300ZX1991Z32 Wild
Z33 Mild :: 350Z
VJHans350Z2007Z33 Mild
Douglas Downing350Z2007Z33 Mild
JustinAlspaugh350Z2003Z33 Mild
JamieIngram350Z2008Z33 Mild
ChrisMyers350Z2003Z33 Mild
AlfredRodriguez350Z2004Z33 Mild
JohnChandler350Z2006Z33 Mild
Z33 Wild :: 350Z
DustinWyke350Z2008Z33 Wild
MarkDidyoung350Z2006Z33 Wild
JohnPrice350Z2004Z33 Wild
AustinStollsteimer350Z2007Z33 Wild
DseiMontgomery350Z2007Z33 Wild
AlexRenfro350Z2003Z33 Wild
Extreme :: 370Z
PetrPakosta 370Z2010Extreme
Z34 Stock :: 370Z
RickyMelgares370Z2016Z34 Stock
MatthewBreese370Z2009Z34 Stock
TracyHilt370Z2010Z34 Stock
ZackSteck370Z2009Z34 Stock
Z34 Mild :: 370Z
NinaRuan370Z2011Z34 Mild
NickGomez370Z2015Z34 Mild
KevinLeBlanc370Z2014Z34 Mild
BrandonFarabee370Z2010Z34 Mild
BradGardner370Z2010Z34 Mild
MatthewMcDonald370Z2010Z34 Mild
MatthewDimery370Z2013Z34 Mild
FrankMclaurin370Z2010Z34 Mild
AnthonyGaray370Z2014Z34 Mild
JosephFortune370Z2010Z34 Mild
LouisGalanos370Z2010Z34 Mild
ShelbyWofford370Z2010Z34 Mild
MaxFlores370Z2010Z34 Mild
Z34 Wild :: 370Z
RichardMcCauley370Z2011Z34 Wild
MaxJordan370Z2009Z34 Wild
KellyFields370Z2009Z34 Wild
JustinEllwood370Z2013Z34 Wild
ChadAnast370Z2009Z34 Wild
DebbieWaller370Z2009Z34 Wild
Other :: 370Z
G35 Mild :: G35
Robbie SrodekG352006G35 Mild
SarahBethErvinG352005G35 Mild
G35 Wild :: G35
AaronPastorG352005G35 Wild
JohnnyAllgoodG352005G35 Wild
G35 Mild :: G37
ShawnJonesG372007G35 Mild
G37 Mild :: G37
BrianCaldwellG372008G37 Mild
AlexAbram G372009G37 Mild
ChaseShackelfordG372013G37 Mild
G37 Wild :: G37
LeeVermontG372009G37 Wild
G-TR Mild :: GT-R
NicoleMcLaurinGT-R2012G-TR Mild
DeanAndersonGT-R2015G-TR Mild
Extreme :: Other
Other :: Other
Q Stock :: Q
Brittany BeasonQ2016Q Stock
Skyline Mild :: Skyline
JeremySteibSkyline1992Skyline Mild
TahirBakshSkyline1989Skyline Mild