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Michelle Settle, Logistics/Financials/Asst. Cat Herder

Michelle on the track

My first exposure to ZDayZ came when I thought I was going on a date with Bryan and we stuffed the 2009 ZDayZ Christmas card… So romantic! While finishing up my DPT, I got involved in some of the administrative duties in 2010 and finally got to attend and work my first official ZDayZ in 2011.

Once I met the ‘awesome’ enthusiasts who take their vacations each May with us and y’all accepted that I like driving my ‘Stupra’ on and slightly modified 2006 mustang GT off the track I’ve been a “willing participant” to take on the massive planning and administrative execution of this much loved event.

I have the privilege of working with five exceptional gentlemen; Bryan, Glen, Justin A., Justin M. and the ”Hot Mess Express” Andy Nelson each year to pull off this ever-growing event, partnerships, and friendships. I have made some true friends being a part of the Z community throughout the US, Canada, and Japan. Being a part of Bryan and this phenomenal group’s lives has allowed me to extend my conservative side into a track lover and party animal of epic proportions.

Thank you to all of the clubs, partners, and the great people who help me stay sane when Bryan is in ‘ZDayZ mode’ and for making this event a pleasure to put on each year. I would not trade this job and experience for anything.